BED Talks: A pre-Valentine’s Intimate Exploration of Love and Sexuality for Smart, Savvy Women

with Joanna Kennedy, founder of

The Center for Happiness, Love, and Pleasure

Wednesday, February 12, 2014 from 6:30-9:00 p.m.
Location: Shine Restaurant & Gathering Place in Boulder, CO

Tickets: $25 ($20 each with 3+ tix)  Register Here

As of February 12 at 2pm, we are sold out at 60 awesome women!



BED Talks returns with another perfect topic for Girls’ Night Out!
(see local press and photos from our 2013 event with Dr. Jenni Skyler)

Our Discussion

During our evening we’ll interactively and experientially explore our perspectives on intimacy, chemistry, passion, desire, satisfaction, attraction and more…and how they deeply impact our health and happiness. We’ll uncover new ways to allow the magic of sensuality and sexuality into our lives. UP Talks’ BED Talks series is for smart, savvy women who realize that our happiness in our intimate relationships is strongly correlated to how we show up at work, as parents and friends, and in virtually all areas of our lives.

Before this Valentine’s day, whether you’re single or partnered, join us in this safe, tender, and spicy space where you can re-awaken and light up your sensual and sexual self. This year, commit to enjoying the pleasure, love and connection you crave, in the bedroom and beyond. Here’s a little peek at our evening’s flow:


  • Joanna will lead us in small group discussions and experiential exercises
  • We’ll pass around a “Sexy Q’s” bucket for your questions for Joanna
  • Shine’s servers are on hand to bring you food, drinks, and elixirs!

You’ll leave the event:

  • With your sexy, sensual side awake and feeling ready to play!
  • Inspired to set the real woman inside free to shine, smile and live passionately
  • Knowing how to attract your heart’s desire in business and in bed (and why sensuality is important!)
  • New connections, a mid-winter supercharge of radiant energy…and quite possibly, a sweet and slightly sexier swagger… 


Come spend the evening with smart, savvy women in what promises to be an enlightening and enlivening conversation…and wake up the next morning feeling inspired, happy, passionate, and radiant!

About Joanna Kennedy

Joanna Kennedy - headshot - 111413


Joanna Kennedy leads her life as a Messenger of Awakened Sexuality. Joanna’s unique approach centers on inspiring men and women to stand confidently, passionately and powerfully, yet differently.

She brings fresh insights and a new level of understanding to the balance of power and intimacy between men and women in our hearts, culture, and businesses. 

She founded The Center for Happiness, Love and Pleasure, and offers seminars, consulting and coaching to men and women. In addition to her work with singles and couples, Joanna consults with and trains for corporations, organizations and universities on leadership, male-­female dynamics, passion, power and teamwork.  She has made numerous TV and radio appearances.